Raw Celery Root & Apple Soup

Raw Celery Root & Apple Soup (adapted from Raw Food Real World by Kenney and Melngailis)

Serves 2

1 peeled celery root (celeriac), rough chopped
1 green apple, rough chopped
1 cup raw walnus, soaked for a couple hours
2 tablesoons coconut oil (I use Coconut Manna from Whole Foods)
¾ cup filtered water
1 lemon, juiced
salt and pepper to taste
¼ cup chives, finley chopped for garnish
¼ green apple, sliced into tiny slivers for garnish
1 T truffle oil or walnut oil, for garnish (optional)


Throw the celery root, apple, oil, water and lemon juice into the Vitamix with about 1 cup water and whizz. (You’ll need the tamper for sure). Add more water to get a smooth consistency. Let the motor run on high until you see a puff of steam come out the top of the machine. (Don’t worry – the friction of the blades heat the soup – the Vitamix is designed to work this way!) Taste and adjust with salt and pepper. Toss the chives, apple slivers and truffle oil together and garnish your suplerlative soup!

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