A New Year’s Resolution for You!

Make a Promise to yourself that you can honor the whole year. Enjoy wonderful energy & great health when you eat nothing processed. Real Food Only!

Make it a Year of Abundance
, not of sacrifice. When you eliminate all processed foods, reward yourself by enjoying all real foods – yep, that includes butter, cream, cacao, salt, sugar & wine. Be a guiltless omnivore!

If you can’t pronounce it, don’t eat it! In fact, make it simpler on yourself by not purchasing anything that needs a label. Instead, enjoy ingredients of the best quality, because you, my dear, are worth it!

Shop the perimeter
(only) of the grocery store, enjoy Farmer’s Markets, and let Hipcooks give you confidence & inspiration to keep cooking! If you’re a person on the go, we’ll help you with simple, delicious recipes with just a few ingredients. We’ll spice things up for your culinary adventurers who love to spend time in the kitchen.

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