Endless Summer Salads Class – rockin’ it with the knife!

©Lissa Hahn

Summertime means explosions of produce. Healthy and crunchy veggies, sweet and juicy fruits –  ripe for the picking!

What you need are the Knife Skills of a Samurai, and our Endless Summer Salads class teaches you to slice that bounty into shape! Rock on, and learn to roll your knife, in an effortless way across your food. We teach this technique  – paired with a Wusthof 8-inch French-style Chef’s knife for every cutting board, so that each student can learn, practice and chop ’til they drop!

When we’re done slicing and dicing, we’ll throw together dazzling salads. It will be a feast for the eyes and a treat for the taste buds! Any of the salads make a fabulous main course – perfect for vegetarians looking for protein-rich, satisfying meals. It is also a great class for those in transition to a healthier lifestyle.

Endless Summer Salads:
Yin-Yang carrot and beet salad
Hearty warm garbanzo salad
Zucchini & quinoa salad with mint & pine nuts
Saffron cous cous & roasted vegetable salad with Hipcooks Romesco
Celery, parsley, parmesan & date salad
La Panzanella (Italian salad with tomato, pepper, cucumber, bread & herbs)

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