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Happy February to you, Sweetcheeks – be our Valentine? Have we got the Cassanova classes for you – Vegetarians, Seafood lovers & Meat lovers alike! Grab your Hot Tamale & let the romance begin…the way to the heart is through the stomach!
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At Date Night 1, you’ll learn how to whip up a sexy meal with a date in the kitchen. Risotto is the star of the show – the perfect one-pot deliciousness where you can involve your beloved. “Stir this & sip wine while I throw together this Bruschetta to feed you with, my dear.”

The dessert is a show stopping Ginger & raspberry crème brûlée. Or should we say show-starting? See the fire ignite in your Schnookums eyes with a little Pyromania action.

Come to this class as a single (to learn all the secrets to employ later), or bring a date…because what’s a better ice breaker than a knife skills lesson with an 8-inch Wusthof?
Class Schedule
With the success of Date Night, we upped the ante with Date Night 2. If your Honey Bunny is a seafood lover, the main dish is swoon-worthy. Caldeirada (besides being the sexiest dish ever) is a Portuguese stew with saffron, mussels, clams, scallops, fish, & shrimp. Think Bouillabaisse, but hotter. Way hotter.


We had to bookend this class with other winners to knock your Sweetie’s socks off (and more!) – we start with a Salad with warm goat-cheese stuffed, prosciutto-wrapped dates. We end with a Dark chocolate soufflé. Why didn’t we start with that? We could have had you at “Hello.”
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If your Main Squeeze salivates over a great steak, don’t offer a rump roast. Learn to perfect great Pan-seared steak at Date Night 3, & serve with Creamy polenta cakes & Bright veggie sauté. Not only is Ancho chile sauce hot & delicious (like you!) but it makes for plates that are effortless works of art.

Start with Pastry turnovers with wild mushroom ragout. The finish is an all-time Hipcooks fan favorite – Luscious Goat cheese tart with berry coulis. You’re Bumpkin will be putty in your hands, you Rapscallion you.
Gift Certificates

Hey, Lovebirds, if you’re too commitment shy to sign up for a class, there’s nothing like a Hipcooks Gift Certificate to say “You mean a great dill to me.” (Sorry.)

Our Gift Certificates never expire & if the Apple of your Eye is well, shall we say, challenged in the kitchen, then Hipcooks is a super-fun way to inspire & engage. Hipcooks students love to practice on their Best Beloveds, so it’s a win-win for you, Buttercup.

Roses are red, violets are blue.
We love cooking, how about YOU?

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Recipe of the month
Even the busiest of Cherubs can whip up a confection to win some affection. Melt chocolate, stir in the aphrodisiacs, pour & chill. Enjoy Chocolate bark before it melts in your hands. Melt hearts instead.
Chocolate Bark Recipe

Hungry for more Love?

Check out our Blog each day leading up to Valentine’s – we’ll post a new heart-throbbing recipe daily and they’ll be putty in your hands, people.

With Love, (natch!)

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