June Newsletter – 5 ways for new inspiration in the kitchen

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1. Summer is Here! Cook Less, Chop More.
This Garbanzo Salad is a hearty protein-packed meal, and perfect to bring to a BBQ as a never-wilting side dish.
Garbanzo Bean Salad
Get this recipe and more at our
2. Give the Gift of Cooking to Your Special Graduate! 
It’s the first day of the rest of their lives – make it one to remember! Cooking Classes are a great way to help them get started. 
Perfect for Graduations, Weddings and Father’s Day!
3. Find New Inspiration with a Different Kind of Team-Builder.
Hipcooks Private classes for are the perfect venue for Corporate team-building, Summer Associates, Client Appreciation events. Bond outside the office and infuse new energy! Hipcooks does all the organizing, and you immerse yourselves in a wonderful afternoon out!
4. Bond with Dad. 
“I look forward to taking my Dad to a Hipcooks class each year for Father’s day. It’s become our tradition.”
-Catherine H.
If your Pops loves meat, beer and time outside, The Thrill of the Grill is sure to please!
Orange Co
Travel Your Taste Buds to New Orleans with our Cajun Class!
It’s got spice, flambé & beer! Come on down now, ya’ll, hear?
orange County
5. Find out what classes are available at our locations! 

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