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Happy February to you, Sweetcheeks – be our Valentine? Have we got classes for you Casanovas – vegetarians, seafood lovers & meat lovers alike. Grab your Hot Tamale & let the romance begin…the way to the heart is through the stomach!
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At A Romantic Dinner, you’ll learn how to whip up a sexy meal with a date in the kitchen. Risotto is the star of the show – the perfect one-pot deliciousness where you can involve your beloved. “Stir this & sip wine while I throw together this Bruschetta to feed you with, my dear.”

The dessert is a show stopping Ginger & raspberry crème brûlée. Or should we say show-starting? See the fire light your Schnookums eyes with a little Pyromania action.

Come to this class as a single (to learn all the secrets to employ later), or bring a date…because what’s a better ice breaker than a knife skills lesson with an 8-inch Wusthof?

With the success of A Romantic Dinner, we upped the ante with A Romantic Dinner 2. If your Honey Bunny is a seafood lover, the main dish is swoon-worthy. Caleirada ;(besides being the sexiest dish ever) is a Portuguese stew with saffron, mussels, clams, scallops, fish, & shrimp. Think Bouillabaisse, but hotter. Way hotter.

We had to bookend this class with other winners to knock your Sweetie’s socks off (and more!) – we start with a Salad with warm goat-cheese stuffed, prosciutto-wrapped dates.We end with a Dark chocolate soufflé. Why didn’t we start with that? We could have had you at “Hello.”

If your Main Squeeze salivates over a great steak, don’t offer a rump roast. Learn to perfect great Pan-seared steak at A Romantic Dinner 3, & serve with Creamy polenta cakes & Bright veggie sauté. Not only is Ancho chile sauce hot & delicious (like you!) but it makes for plates that are effortless works of art.

Start with Pastry turnovers with wild mushroom ragout. The finish is an all-time Hipcooks fan favorite – Luscious Goat cheese tart with berry coulis. You’re Bumpkin will be putty in your hands, you Rapscallion you.
Hey, Lovebirds, if you’re too commitment shy to sign up for a class, there’s nothing like a Hipcooks Gift Certificate to say “You mean a great dill to me.” (Sorry.)

Our Gift Certificates never expire & if the Apple of your Eye is well, shall we say, challenged in the kitchen, then Hipcooks is a super-fun way to inspire & engage. Hipcooks students love to practice on their Best Beloveds, so it’s a win-win for you, Buttercup.

Roses are red, violets are blue.
We love cooking, how about YOU?


Are we Cheesy? You bet we are! When you can’t beat e’m – join ’em! Make fresh Ricotta, Goat cheese, fresh Mozzarella, Mascarpone & Fromage Fort at The Cheese Whiz at a studio near you.

Even the busiest of Cherubs can whip up a confection to win some affection. Melt chocolate, stir in the aphrodisiacs, pour & chill. Enjoy Chocolate bark before it melts in your hands. Melt hearts instead.
Chocolate Bark REcipe

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Eat Well, Be Well

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