Blood-red Cherry Margarita

Only a 2 weeks until Halloween & Day of the Dead, so you better practice your margarita-making. Here is another version that’s creepy and so delicious!

Halloween Recipe: Cherry Margarita

Trader Joes sells these at a great price. Use a dash of the syrup to sweeten the margarita — if you like it sweet, use more. The syrup also sinks beautifully into the cocktail if you prefer to serve a stirred (not shaken) version. A cherry looks cute on the rim of the glass, or plop inside.

We love the smoky taste of Mezcal tequila in this cocktail, but you can choose another if you wish. Black salt is fun to use for contrast!

Blood-red Cherry Margarita

makes 1 cocktail, or many!

1 part freshly squeezed lime juice (use about 1 ounce per cocktail)
3 parts Mezcal tequila  (use 3 ounces per cocktail)
A dash of Cherry bitters (if desired)
Amarena cherry syrup, to taste (see note above)
Amarena cherry, for garnish (see note above)
Black sea salt, for garnish


Prepare a cocktail glass by running a lime around the rim and coating it with the black salt.

Plop all the ingredients (minus the garnish) into a cocktail shaker with plenty of ice and shake, shake, shake your moneymaker. The more you shake, the yummier the drink. Using the strainer, pour the cocktail into the prepared glass.

Halloween Recipe: Cherry Margarita


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