12th Day of Hipcooks: Quince & Frangipani Tart

Hark, the Hipcooks angels sing: Happy 12th day of Hipcooks, everyone!

Here’s a holiday table topper to crown the meal. A quince and frangipani tart, served in solitary splendor, is a showstopper of a dessert. I hope you have some poached quince left…are those beauties still sitting on the mantle, or have you been a busy Hipcook?

The best Quince Tart Recipe

There are a lot of steps to preparing this dessert — the good news is that you can space it out if you need to. Make the sweet pastry case one day, the frangipani on another, and the rest is child’s play.

How to make a Quince Tart

So, first, make the sweet pastry tart shell. Here’s our method. (coming soon)
Then, remove the core from each quince segment, and pat dry (since they’ve been stored in their poaching liquid in the fridge, they’ll be wet.)

How to make a Quince Tart

Next, prepare the frangipani. You can store it and assemble the tart on another day, or go straight to the assembly. How to make a Quince Tart

Plop the frangipani in the pastry case and artfully arrange the quince on top.

How to make a Quince Tart

I grabbed some of the cloves, cinnamon and star anise from the poaching liquid to adorn the tart. Into the oven it goes!

The best Quince Tart Recipe

A dusting of powdered sugar is all you need for a gorgeous presentation.

We hope you enjoyed this season’s 12 Days of Hipcooks! We wish you joyous & happy holidays.

With love, Monika


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    Ursula L Matheson December 27, 2018, 12:29 pm

    Wht a great idea to have your 12 days for quince dishes. I would love to find the recipe for the frangipan quince tart. somehow I can’t figure out how to locate that. When you have a little time, would you please point me in the right direction. Thank you and Happy New Year.


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