Summer Tomato Bonanza – Hipcooks Caprese

Are your summer tomatoes coming in? Ours are, with a vengeance. Yay!

A Caprese salad can be done a million different ways! As it should – it is a simple celebration of just a few ingredients, but each one should be the best of the best. No meal is better than the ingredients that you put into it!

Here is Lucia’s version:

lucia caprese

For you sophisticates – have fun with art! Choose multi-colored tomatoes and cut into squares or triangles. Create a tomato “mosaic” and sprinkle with the toppings. Or, pop the whole thing on thinly rolled focaccia and bake. Or, toss through piping hot fresh pasta. If you have huge tomatoes, you can hollow them out and serve the toppings inside. Small tomatoes? Make skewers!

Here is a skewer version I made for my sister’s wedding:




And a Burrata version, for those for whom Mozzarella is just not enough!

caprese salad

Serves a hungry Hipcook for dinner, or 4 as a starter

2 lbs choicest garden tomatoes
½ pound or so fresh Burrata (fresh buffalo mozzarella will do, but make sure it is fresh!), torn
1 handful basil, chopped
Maldon Salt, sprinkled at the last minute on top
your favorite extra virgin olive oil, sprinkled at the last minute on top
black pepper (optional), sprinkled at the last minute on top


Arrange, mix, decorate with the above ingredients in a way that makes your tongue tingle, heart sing, and toes tap!


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