1st Day of Hipcooks

Quince Fruit on a table

On the 1st day of Hipcooks, my true love gave to me…


Quince are a magical fruit. A mix between an apple and a pear, yet they are so astringent they must be cooked to enjoy. And enjoy you will.

The next days of Hipcooks will feature quince recipes you’ll love. However, on Day 1, your first task is simply to buy some quince. Put them somewhere prominently, where you can enjoy their exquisite, charming lopsided beauty. On your table, on your mantel, in a bowl in the kitchen…wherever, you put them, you’ll be glad you did. Soon your room will be smelling like apple pie. There is no other fruit so aromatic! (Well, maybe a durian, but that is altogether different.)

Even if all you do is buy the quince and enjoy their perfume and beauty, you’ll be glad you did.

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